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Make sure your words and actions line up to the values you profess

Anyone who says he is a Christian but doesn’t control his sharp tongue is just fooling himself, and his religion isn’t worth much. Jam1:26. Who you are flows from your words and your actions. You can’t share God’s love in one sentence and let lose with a short temper in the next. If your language is profane you’ll also lose credibility as the world ironically judges christians more harshly against a higher benchmark than it judges itself. But the reality is, we’re all human and make mistakes. People will understand that, but if your everyday language and lifestyle is not aligned with God’s Word, then people won’t listen to what you have to say. When you keep close to God its not hard to walk in His ways, it becomes your desire to live a life that pleases Him. Praise God today that He loves us beyond words, and as we walk in His ways, His love will overflow though our words and our actions.

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