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Our breakthrough comes as we wait on God

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psa 27:14. The breakthrough is in the waiting. In times of difficulty when we pray, we must wait on God patiently, and sometimes even courageously for His guidance and direction. There are times He will be preparing us for what’s next in our life. There will also be times when we need to wait on His timing and to draw near to Him so we don’t miss what He’s trying to tell us. Sometimes the opportunity may be just in a few words someone says, but if we are not listening, we may dismiss it when God is telling us to go for it. Wait on God everyday as part of your prayer life and you will start to hear His voice in your spirit with greater clarity. Praise God today that His timing is perfect, and that as we refuse to allow fear to compel us to make wrong decisions, we will see His faithfulness manifested in our life.

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