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We must always keep a humble heart before God

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom Prov 11:2. Pride is blinded by its own sense of self importance and self righteousness. With pride there’s no room for others views, as the proud are always right in their own sight. Prideful people put their own ability above others and their presumptuousness will eventually lead to their fall. God opposes the proud, and there is no worse place that anyone could be than to be opposed by God. Whereas a spirit of humility is a teachable spirit that will grow in wisdom as it recognises its own limitations and values the input and importance of relationships with others. As we keep humble in all that we do and keep close to God, we’ll be open to His promptings and not miss out on His leading and direction for our life. Praise God today that as we walk with Him in humility in whatever we do, we’ll see His hand and favour move in our life.

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