It may be that after having experienced the prayer chair for yourself, you may want to set one up in your area. If that is the case, please get in touch with us, and we’d love to come and walk-through some basic practical training with you, as well as providing you with some basic resources to get you going. Training sessions include teachings on:
Our royal identity in Christ – everyone is qualified for this ministry!
Ministering with the heart of God in love for people
Hosting the presence of God
Ministering in the prophetic gifting
‘Treasure hunting’ (a fun alternative way of practising the prophetic gifts, and seeing lives transformed by the love of God)
These training sessions include times of soaking and worship, as well as practical application of actually ‘doing the stuff’! They usually run best over the course over one or 2 days over a weekend is ideal.

We will also be running periodic worktops in Brighton that people can come and attend. Details will be posted below once dates have been confirmed.


A prayer chair ministry environment can be set-up really easily.

All you need are:
2 fold-up chairs
1 wall-paper pasting table (can be bought from most hardware stores for approx £6 to £10).
OPTIONAL: Any of the gospels/bibles to give out as a free gift to anyone who wants one (i.e. to be offered after prayer ministry)
Examples of what to write on the board will be depicted in a photograph of our set-up, which should give a good idea of what we’ve found works. Being based in Brighton, we used words and phrases specifically pitched and tailored to our client group. We largely cater to people interested in new-age spirituality and tarot card reading, which is very much accepted in Brighton. It may be that in your area it is a very different spiritual climate, and so the wording you use will need to be suited to that.


Not all of us are called to be evangelists, but we are all called to witness to our faith and the gospel of Love. If people don’t feel called to host the chair, then there is a place for prayer while someone else hosts. It is invaluable that people pray and intercede for those hosting, and for the people who are going to receive ministry. The objective is to bring Love into the market place – that is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God is the Lord of the harvest, not us. The host invites the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to come, making space for God in the market place. Salvations, healings, and other miraculous signs and wonders will occur, but they are in themselves not the focus. The presence of God is.

Sample prayer of Salvation:

“Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die for me; to take away all of my sins; to bring me this new life that you promised. I repent of all my sin in Jesus name, and I invite you Jesus, to come deeply and powerfully into my heart. Amen.” Then the host will pray for an infilling of the Holy Spirit. Often at this time the Lord will release a word of knowledge of encouragement.

DOs and Don’ts

– Set the chairs up at 90 degrees to each other, so that the person being ministered to does not feel intimidated.
– Don’t eat garlic the night before! In love for the people you’ll be praying with, carry and make use of breath mints.
– Don’t use Christian jargon. Speak clearly and ask the person if they understand the more important aspects of what’s happening.
– Laying hands is NOT essential, although if you feel it is appropriate, always ask permission. Be sensitive and loving if you do. Putting a hand on the shoulder is usually the best place.
– Listen to them. In many ways, be slow to speak, although there are times when you’ll need to cut in on them if they go on and on… and on! We are primarily a prayer ministry though, so make sure you do have time to pray and let God do His thing. Try to keep one ear on them and one on the Lord.
– NEVER be dogmatic and pushy about what you feel God is saying.
– Smile often! Smiling puts people at ease, and makes them feel welcome.
– Give lots of eye-contact, as this imparts value to the person being ministered to – they will feel that they are being listened to.
– After praying, thank the person and say what a privilege it was to pray with them.
– Be wise about the times that you go out. The best times are often Saturdays and afternoons.
– Have a good time!! Be full of the joy of the Lord! People are attracted to joy and the pleasure that comes with knowing Him.

REMEMBER: God is pleased with you whether hundreds come and sit, or no-one does! Faithfulness and obedience are our measures of success. Enjoy His Presence as you sit, and just have a good time being a kid of the Most High King out on a field trip…! And in all of this, “Make love your aim…” (1 Cor 14v1). Even if the person gets NOTHING else (which they probably will anyway!!), if you’ve done your best to show them the wholly-accepting selfless love of Jesus, you’ve succeeded.

Contact us if you need more information or direction.

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