These videos document some amazing miracles that take place on streets of different countries, as normal people – people just like you and me – step out in boldness and love, to touch a broken world with the good news of Jesus’ love for them. Be encouraged to go and do the same – the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead lives in YOU (Romans 8:11)!!

Todd White

This video features an amazing man from the USA called Todd White. Todd was dramatically saved from a broken lifestyle of drugs and addictions, and now, travels the world preaching the gospel, and seeing miracles, signs and wonders as part of his normal everyday life.

Tom Fischer

This video features another amazing street minister from the USA, called Tom Fischer. See these awesome reactions from all over the world, as people get healed when Tom prays for them!

Todd White

This video features Todd White again. There are loads of videos of Todd doing this stuff out on the streets online on youtube – check them out and be inspired to go and do likewise!!

Disneyland Healing

This video features some guys who go to Disneyland and God begins to pour out His Spirit in power as teenagers get touched, healed, and saved as they encounter His amazing love for them. See there reactions across all 4 parts – it’s amazing!! (This is part 1 of 4)

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