Better a dry crust eaten in peace than a house filled with feasting-and conflict. Pr 17:1. Peace brings harmony into your life whilst conflict will rob your peace to bring discord into your life. There are people who strive for wealth and fame at all costs but cannot find peace, and sadly how often we read of such people taking their own lives as the only way out. Jesus is the answer, He fills us with peace beyond words and love without limits. In Him we can enjoy a life of peace even whilst walking through the midst of a storm knowing that He is with us. When we walk in faith it protects us from fear so we can have peace in our spirit even whilst there is unrest around us. As we press into God He will still our stormy seas and bring calm into our lives. Thank Jesus today for His peace. Thank the Father for His unconditional love that regardless of what may be happening in our lives,we can find peace in Him.

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