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Let the love of Jesus flow from your words

Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Pr 16:24. Let the love of Jesus in you, flow through your words. Your words have the power to lift up or tear down. Our actions together with our words are our witness to the love of Jesus in our life. As you take the time to encourage others, you strengthen them, and for some you may not realise how significant your words of kindness are. As you bless others you will change the atmosphere as you bring the presence of God with you into a given situation to be the difference in someone’s life. Take time to see where you can be a blessing to someone today, just a few words of kindness can change a life. Develop a lifestyle of blessing others and your life will be incredibly blessed too. Praise God today for his love that never fails us. Ask God to give you opportunities to bless others with your words each day.

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