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We miss out on God’s best when we don’t ask

Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. Jam4:2b. We struggle on unnecessarily,in our own independent way, when God says cast your cares on me, give me your burdens and let me carry them for you. God doesn’t want you to struggle and will reach out to help you as you reach out to Him. God loves you and desires only the very best for your life. When your heart and motives are right, God will move on your behalf. We really don’t need to struggle as much as we do, casting our cares on God is to trust Him and believe by faith that He will make a way,or He will provide. When we have a relationship with God, with Jesus in our heart, it becomes so much easier to trust Him as we know He is faithful and is always there for us. Praise God today that we can rest in His peace knowing that as we ask Him to take care of our needs, and as we cast our cares on Him,He will provide.

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