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Sometimes our answer will come as we wait upon the Lord

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; Ps 37:7a. Sometimes our breakthrough will come in the waiting and not in the doing. Being still and waiting on God is an act of faith recognising that we don’t have all the answers and need His guidance. At times we just need to stop and block out the noise of life’s busyness, and come into His presence and wait on Him. It’s in the stillness that our spiritual ears can hear God’s voice or sense His promptings with even greater clarity. His ways are above our ways and He sees every angle in every situation, so He knows what we must do. He may prompt us to do nothing, or to step out, or to confront a situation, or to forgive or to ask for forgiveness. God will guide you, so just wait on Him and allow His perfect peace guide your steps. Praise God today that He’ll make a way as we wait on Him and follow whatever He puts on our heart.

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